Tyre Inflation & Gauges

A range of high quality Jamec-Pem tyre inflation equipment.

1/4″ Female Tyre Chucks – Sealing20210621213752
Dual Clip-On Chucks20210621214435
Single Clip-On Chucks20210621214959
Clip-On Hoses – Non-Sealing20210621215237
Dual Hold On Chucks – Sealing20210621215658
Dual Hold On Chucks – Non-Sealing20210621215826
1/4″ Female Clip-On Chucks20210621220046
Tyre Inflators20210621220749
Tyre Valve Tools20210621221052
Tyre Gauges20210621221500
Manifolds – Anodised Aluminium20210621221746

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