WaterMarked Screwed Brassware – AS 3688

Made with parallel male and female threads, Watermarked and certified to AS3688.

M & F Reducing Bushes20210602001423
M & F Elbows20210602002812
Female Hex Sockets20210602003145
Female Hex Reducing Sockets20210602003341
Male Hex Nipples20210602003741
All Thread Nipples20210602004548
Plumbers Caps20210602005343
F & F Elbows20210602005821
Female Tees20210602010337
Hex Plugs20210604000626
M & F Adaptors20210604001148
Hex Reducing Nipples20210604001903
F & F Unions20210604002736
M & F Unions20210604003127

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