A range of coils and recoil tubes made from a variety of poly materials along with coils of copper all measured on the O.D.

Blueline Flexible Nylon Tubes – Imperial20210705000455
Blueline Flexible Nylon Tubes – Metric20210705001309
Yellowline Semi-Rigid Nylon Tubes – Imperial20210705001947
J844 Air Brake Nylon Tubes – Imperial20210705003403
J844 Air Brake Nylon Tubes – Type B Metric20210705003911
DIN 74324 Air Brake Nylon Tubes – Metric20210705004205
Suzi Coils (J844 Nylon)20210705005251
Suzi Coils (J844 Nylon) – Unfitted Single20210705010343
Suzi Coils (J844 Nylon) – Unfitted Single Black20210705010710
Low Density Polyethylene Tubes – Imperial20210705011129
Low Density Polyethylene Tubes – Metric20210705011418
Annealed Copper Tubes20210705011821
Polyurethane Tubing20210705012227
Braided Polyurethane Recoil Hoses20210705012517
Spiral Polyurethane Coils – Unfitted20210705014117
Clear Vinyl Tubes (CVT)20210705015106

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