Miscellaneous Valves

Choose from a selection of valves, offering solutions to many different industrial applications.

Brass Gate Valves – Untested20210628233933
Swing Check Valves20210629000113
York Check & Foot Valves20210629000345
Valstop Check Valves – C/W Viton O-Ring20210629000741
York Check & Foot Valves – Strainer Only20210629010148
“Y” Strainers20210629010852
Drain Cock External Seat20210629011517
Drain Cock Internal Seat20210629011749
90˚ Bib Drain Cock20210629012020
Air Tank Drain Valves20210629013000
Drain Valves20210629013219
30 Drain Cocks20210629013704
30 Drain Cocks – NPT20210629013922
406 Safety Valves20210629015032
208 Non-Return Valves20210629015556
Tank Valves – Schrader20210629015734

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