BrakeFit Couplings & Adaptors

Made for truck air brake applications, the heavy-duty construction is designed to withstand the rigours of the transport industry.

CA93 Series Female Couplings – Sealing20210621002910
CA93 Series Male Couplings – Sealing20210621003409
CA93 Series Bulkhead Couplings – Sealing20210621004857
CA93 Series Female Couplings – Non-Sealing20210621005036
CA93 Series Male Couplings – Non-Sealing20210621005217
CA93 Series Bulkhead Couplings – Non-Sealing20210621005437
CA93 Series Female Adaptors – Non-Sealing20210621010059
CA93 Series Male Adaptors – Non-Sealing20210621010350
CA93 Series Bulkhead Adaptors – Non-Sealing20210621010528
CA93 Series Hose Adaptors – Non-Sealing20210621010642
CA93 Series Female Adaptors – Sealing20210621011117
CA93 Series Male Adaptors – Sealing20210621011339
Coupling & Adaptor Brackets20210621011535

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