Standard 316 Stainless Steel

150 pound (lb) range of 316 grade stainless steel BSP screwed adaptors.

24SS M & F Reducing Bushes20210604014118
25SS M & F Elbows20210604014258
26SS Female Sockets20210604015300
27SS Male Hex Nipples20210604015629
29SS F Reducing Sockets20210604023420
33SS Female Caps20210604023642
34SS Female Elbows20210604024115
35SS Female Tees20210604024502
64SS Male Taper Plugs20210604024905
72SS M & F Adaptors20210604025247
73SS M Reducing Hex Nipples20210604025746
74SS Female Lock Nuts20210604030047
85SS F & F Unions20210604030345
P3SS Male Hose Tails20210604030920

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