Pressure Gauges

Quality general purpose Ross Brown gauges suitable for a range of industrial applications.

40mm Dry Gauges – Bottom Entry20210627233451
40mm Dry Gauges – Rear Entry20210627234114
50mm Dry Gauges – Bottom Entry20210627234929
50mm Liquid Filled Gauges – Bottom Entry20210628005042
50mm Dry Gauges – Rear Entry20210628010247
63mm Dry Gauges – Bottom Entry20210628010735
63mm Liquid Filled Gauges – Bottom Entry20210628011309
63mm Dry Gauges – Rear Entry20210628012435
63mm Liquid Filled Gauges – Rear Entry20210628012917
100mm Dry Gauges – Bottom Entry – Single Scale – kPa Only20210628013315
100mm Liquid Filled Gauges – Bottom Entry20210628013856

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