Threaded Adaptors – Technical Information

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Threaded Adaptors

Style and Description

Threaded adaptors manufactured to AS IS0 7.1/2 (previously AS 1722.1) are commonly known as Engineering or Sealing Threads. Made with tapered male and parallel female ends, this range can be used to adapt from male to female thread or to re-size a threaded end as required.

All TubeFit brand Threaded Adaptors may be used with other BSP threaded products manufactured from brass alloys.

Working Pressure

TubeFit threaded adaptors are able to withstand medium to high pressures. Please use the table below as a guideline.

Media / Application

✓ Gas
✓ Water
✓ Air and Hydraulics

  • Material: Brass
  • Pipe Thread: BSP – AS IS0 7.1/2 (previously AS 1722.1) Tapered Male (R Series) and Parallel Female (RP Series)
  • NPT
  • Metric x BSP
  • Metric x NPT
  • Material: 316 Stainless Steel
  • Pipe Thread: BSP – AS IS0 7.1/2 (previously AS 1722.1) Tapered Male (R Series) and Parallel Female (RP Series)
  • All metric threads x 1.5 pitch
Assembly & Installation
  1. Tighten fitting to ‘spanner firm’ position. (Caution: do not over-tighten)

  2. If used in a pneumatic application, apply a soapy solution to the joint to be certain a positive seal has been made. Visually inspect for leaks if used in an hydraulic application. Note: If mating threads manufactured by different companies, Loctite 567 Thread Sealant is recommended even if manufactured to AS IS0 7.1/2 (previously AS 1722.1 – Sealing Threads). It is not good practice to use thread tape with tapered threads.

Maximum Working Pressure (kPa)
Pipe Size Brass Alloy
Hydraulic Pneumatic
1/8″ 13750 3500
1/4″ 13750 3500
3/8″ 13750 2750
1/2″ 10400 2750
3/4″ 7000 2000
1” 4000 1250
Plumbing Style
  • Manufactured to comply to Australian Standard
  • Watermarked to AS 3688 License WMKA 02387
  • BSPP Threads
  • Brass
Media / Application

✓ Suitable for domestic, industrial, and agricultural plumbing
✓ Water


0ºC – 96ºC


Maximum working pressure 1400kPa – All sizes.

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