Brass Adaptors – NPT

Used extensively in the automotive and transport industries and made with tapered male (NPT) and parallel female (NPS) threads.

24 NPT M & F Reducing Bushes20210604051216
25E NPT M & F Extruded Elbows20210604052543
25E 45° NPT M & F Extruded Elbows20210606221207
26 NPT Female Hex Sockets20210606221354
27 NPT Male Hex Nipples20210606221638
27 BSP x NPT Male Hex Nipples20210606221917
28 NPT Male Long Hex Nipples20210606222110
29 NPT Female Reducing Hex Sockets20210606222432
34 NPT Female Elbows20210606222806
35 NPT Tees20210606223131
35 NPT Male Run Tees20210606223346
37 NPT Female Crosses20210606223713
64 NPT Male Taper Plugs20210606232712
72 NPT M & F Adaptors20210606232943
72 NPS x BSPT M & F Adaptors20210606233309
73 NPT Male Reducing Nipples20210606233511
NPT Close Nipples20210606233940
NPT End Caps20210606234641
NPT Slotted Plugs20210606234833
NPT Square Head Plugs20210606235250
NPT Hex Socket Plugs20210606235413
Bulkhead Couplings20210606235737

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